Monday, June 9, 2014

Artist Statement, A Tribute to Andy Goldsworthy

          Andy Goldsworthy is an artist who makes all of his art in nature. He uses the materials around him and makes things that adapt and fit in with the environment around them. When I made pieces of artwork, based on the way Goldsworthy makes art, which is very process oriented, I ended up making a spiral of rocks, a structure out of sticks, and a bird's nest type of structure. For the spiral of rocks, I made this outside of the school building, circled around a small tree. I used the rocks that were nearby, and found sticks in the woods to use for the "gate" of the spiral. For the structure of sticks with rocks in the middle, I built this at the Project Sprout Garden, and found the large sticks in the woods near the garden. I used rocks from the other side of the garden, and carried them over to where I was making my project. For the spiral of sticks, I made this near the high school, using dead plants that could be easily intertwined to create a bird's nest, spiral structure. During the process of making the earth art, I did not encounter anything unusual, although I did come across a problem when making the spiral structure. At first, I used regular sticks, and could not form the circle shape that I wanted to, so then I came across plants that were able to bend into a circle. Also, all of the projects came out as I drew and planned them in my field notebook.
          During this project, I learned that even if you plan something before, it does not guarantee that the final product will look like that. Design and ideas change along the way. If I could do anything different throughout this process, it would be to incorporate more, and different materials into my artwork. Using the elements of principles and design, I would describe my artwork as circular, with equal balance. All of my pieces somehow incorporate a circular shape in them, and they are mostly symmetrical. That is my artist statement.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

3rd Piece of Nature Art

 This is my 3rd and final piece, and in my opinion, the most well though out. These pictures show the process of how this spiral of rocks was created, every step of the process. 
 Here, half of the starting circle has been made. 
 The spiral is now starting to form. 

This is the final piece, with the two sticks at the front representing a gate, or an entrance to the spiral. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

2nd Piece of Nature Art

 This is a picture of my field notebook, the central place where all of the ideas for my artwork came from.

 This piece of art was created with bendable, dead plants that I used to create a circle, almost like a birds nest. The amount of sticks increased, and the circle started to look more like a birds nest rather than sticks. 

The amount of intertwined plants is now starting to resemble the shape of a bird's nest. 

Here is the final product, with all of the bendable plants intertwined.

1st Piece of Nature Art

 This picture is the start of my first work of art, using sticks and rocks. 

This is the final picture in the progression of this artwork.